Qtalk: An LGBTQIA-Focused Discussion Group


As part of Dakota OutRight’s Summer Media Literacy Series, we’ll be exploring the representation of different parts of the LGBTQIA community in popular media — everything from TV to film to books to art to music.

The final discussion of our Summer Media Literacy Series will be:
September 21: QIA Representation – Does it Even Exist?
As we see an increase in authentic depictions of LGBT identities, what about representation of people who live beyond labels?

September’s Location: RSVP+/ServeYES! Building, 1223 S. 12th St.

We encourage you to post articles or links in our Facebook event to relevant content to promote discussion at Qtalk. If you would like to get more involved in the planning of any part of this series, let us know!

Qtalk is a monthly open discussion group that brings people together to delve into issues and topics that affect the LGBTQIA community and our allies. This isn’t a new group — in fact, the first community discussion groups happened in the 90s and were well attended. The format is intended to be informal and affirming, where perspectives and individual experiences are respected. *BRAVE SPACE*